Thursday, January 15, 2009's cold out there!!!

Why do I live in Iowa. It was -17 with a windchill of -37 this morning. All the kids in public school were told yesterday that they have no school because of the miserable cold. So Tub goes to church last night and the leaders say who doesn't have school tomorrow and all the kids cheer and squeal, except Tub. Which probably went unnoticed by everyone except Tub since there are 60 kids or more. He tells me this story when we're leaving in the car. I felt so sad for him. I remember how exciting snow days were. I never give them snow days. There's no snow blocking them in their bedroom, so what do we need them for. We take breaks here and there. Now I realize that they are missing out on that joy of hearing snow day. I just figure finishing around May 1st is exciting enough, but it isn't. So today the kids had a snow day, or cold day. They're lovin' it. I still feel bad he missed out on cheering with the church kids. Hopefully I made up for it.

They just finished making goop. Last night Tub got a video game he's been waiting for and he's been breaking it in today.

I hope this is our last "Cold Day!!!!"