Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go, Go, Go

It seems like that is all we do anymore. Our schedule is starting to really concern me. It seems like we're never home. We're almost always out doing somethinng enriching for the kids. It just really cuts into our actual sit down school time. We get our work done, but it's so rushed. It's never in the mornings. Something's got to give, I just don't know what. It will probably be me. Meltdown for the mom. Just kidding, I hope : )

We did get our new curriculum. It is amazing! Now I have to figure out how to make time for it. This curriculum is more time consuming then what we have used in the past.

Grunt found a praying Mantis Tuesday. Thank goodness she let it go a day later. We left on an errand right after she let it go. When we got home it was still here. Crazy bug! Luckily she was unsuccessful at imprisoning it again. It flew off to the wide, blue yonder. Yeah me!!!

Our upstairs neighbors, with a very large dog that stomps around at 1 in the morning, started moving out today. They are actually still in the process of stomping around upstairs, and moving stuff out at 11:30 pm. Hello! I'm kind of nervous, who knows, the next people could be worse. I think I'd rather stick with what I know. I'll probably end up wishing the big dog was back. He is very cute!!!

We are going to a hockey game tomorrow. The Iowa Chops or something. Never heard of it. I don't know if I'm looking forward to it or not. Tub is, Grunt says she hates hockey. She's so funny!

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Mr. Kelly said...

Oh, Angie, you are always so busy. I could not imagine running from place to place like you do almost every day, it would get very tiring. Thank you so much for being so unselfish and using your time for our children, you are amazing, I love you and appreciate everything that you do for me and our family.