Saturday, April 4, 2009

Princess Tea with My Princess

Hunter and I went to the Princess Tea at our church this morning. It was quite elaborate. I'm sure I will have to kick it up a notch for our at home tea parties. Hunter's expectations will be set a lot higher from now on. We noshed on chicken salad w/ wheat pitas, fruit kabobs, gingerbread w/ lemon curd for topping, dark chocolate tiara pops, and olives(yum). Hunter had to partake of plain old Lipton tea, which she would prefer anyway, because some of the exotic loose teas had nuts. Of course she used who knows how many sugar cubes. She was amazed by them. She was quite fond of the cream also. She will drink tea lightly sugared, but goes wild if the options available. Hunter was very pleased to have her best friend and her friend's mother join us.

We went back for a visit with our family yesterday. My mom's puppy is so cute! She raised her puppy from a few days old after the mom was hit by a car : ( She recently let her raccoon she also raised go back to the wild. And has since acquired a baby dairy bull. I suppose that is what he is. He is also mighty cute and is still bottle feeding. She always has something new going on at the farm.

I'm still exercising away. I'm trying to run 3-4 times a week and take some spin classes if I get to it. I've also been weight training. I'm hoping to get off my rear and go run right now.

Have a good weekend!

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