Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's 2010... Hoping for good changes over the next year. Starting with our move. There is a good chance that we will be moving this weekend, yay! It seems kind of weird that I'm like, yay, it's gonna be 27 degrees next Sunday, thanks goodness it will be warm out. Iowa has deceived me in to thinking that's warm. Of course it is a lot better than the 3 degrees that it will be on Saturday.

I'm excited to start school tomorrow. The kids aren't, even homeschooled children complain. My question is: How can they complain? Fun field trips, four hours of school or so a day, start school around nine, some days wear pajamas(did I just type that...whoops), snacks and lunch when you want, vacation days as needed...I don't seems like there are some things to make you feel lucky. But when you are a child you don't look on the upside, unless your a Duggar. I need to find out how the Duggars have such positive kids!

I almost have all their work graded. It was all checked, just not graded and recorded. They are doing awesome, I'm very proud of them. I'm anxious to get their ITBS reports back tomorrow. I know they are doing great , but it's just an extra confirmation that I'm not ruining them : P

Happy New Year...

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